Health, Safety, Quality and Environment

We at Aura FMS follow all ethical, legal and regulatory requirements related with Health, Safety, Quality and Environment for the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our entire staff delivers services that meet or exceed customer requirements in a safe and environmentally responsible way. In turn, we are committed to reduce injury, distress and ill health through full compliance with legislation and optimal practices.

We aim to diminish the impact of our operations on the environment and also work to improve the welfare of the communities. To this end, we conduct ourselves responsibly in order to protect the environment and anyone or anything else affected by our activities.

By maintaining high standards of service delivery, we assist our customers to achieve their own safety and fulfil their environmental responsibilities. We expect and encourage all staff to engage at all stages with our customers, employees, contractors and other stakeholders, ensuring that our management system is adequately resourced and fully implemented.

We look for our customers’ feedback to improve our approach to Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (HSQE) standards and strive to enhance our employees’ competence by providing appropriate information, instructions, training and supervision. Risk assessments are introduced so that safe systems of work can be developed, implemented and improved. We ensure the active involvement of all employees at every level of the organisation in establishing a positive HSQE culture by actively encouraging consultation, communication and participation. We are focussed on continuous improvement in HSQE and identify the root causes of all non-conformities to give the best practices across the business.

This policy statement, together with the associated management systems, action plans and objectives is to be actively communicated internally and is also available externally through the company website. It is reviewed annually to ensure that the policy remains relevant to the needs of the business.